Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Cover Reveal: Underground: New World IV

Underground: New World IV

Here it is!

The cover for the fourth installment of the New World Series by Janelle Stalder

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Half-Soul by Katherine Rhodes Blitz & Excerpt


by Katherine Rhodes

The Blurb

Hell called to his soul, but his soul resisted.

Or that’s what Asher Terhune believed.

Born from the demonic seduction of his human mother, his birth destroyed her marriage. They were left with only a Guardian and Watcher to protect them from his demon heritage. Born with a half-soul, Asher quickly learned to use the Seven Deadly Sins to fill the hole inside himself.

His favorite sin was Lust.

Women had no chance of a second night with Asher, once he was done with them. And he had no intention of changing his ways. Until the sweet, calm, caring Sarah Illfrig rocked his world, and refused his bed.

Asher found her refusal unacceptable and took on the challenge of seducing her. Sarah pushed him away even as the desire she felt for him was pulling her in.

But Sarah harbored her own secrets, and when the Guardian and the Watcher found out, it became imperative to keep Sarah and Asher apart.

**CONTENT WARNING: Contains adult language, m/m/f, and sexual situations and is intended for adult audiences only. 18+ Only**

The Excerpt

“I’m sorry this turned into such a damn mess tonight,” Asher said, helping her out of the car at her apartment.

“It was only those demons at the end that were any kind of problem,” Sarah said. “They kind of put a damper on the whole vibe. Is Vassago really going to be able to make a claim on his insurance? I didn’t know they had a demon clause.”

Asher laughed. “Are you okay with all of this? A week ago you were just Sarah, the girl whose sickness no one could figure out.”

She paused. “You know, as strange as this is going to sound, yes. I’m okay with it. It explains so much about everything that’s gone on in my life and with my health. I’m oddly comforted by the fact I’m not normal and no doctor will be able to cure this. I did everything right, but this is beyond what regular medicine can do. And I’m okay with that.” She smiled sheepishly. “Especially if it means I get to be close to you.”

Asher returned the smile. “Does this mean I’m off your shit list?”

“Mostly,” Sarah answered.


Sarah keyed the door to the building open. “Mostly. We’ll see if I wake up with a job tomorrow.”

“I’m not going to fire you,” Asher said. “That used to happen after we slept together.”

Sarah looked at him. “Like I said, we’ll see if I wake up with a job in the morning.”

Asher got it. He rushed in through the door behind her and spun her against the wall, carefully. “I’m really that far off your shit list?”

“You’ve done everything right, Asher,” she said. “You stuck to every boundary I set up. You’ve been nothing but a gentleman. The only thing you were forward about was finding me yesterday evening and asking me to help you with the emptiness. That’s not really an infraction in my opinion. After tonight, that whole protecting everyone that you and Gad and Vassago did, you’re mostly off my ‘do not fly’ list.”

He leaned a hand on the wall and pushed a little closer. “And what do I have to do to get completely off your ‘do not fly’ list?”

“Two things.” She smiled. “That I wake up still employed tomorrow and how many times you can make me come.”

Asher couldn’t formulate an answer. He gave up and dropped his head to hers, pressing his lips across hers. His first taste of her was one of sugar and strawberries and the scent of fresh ocean air rose up around them. Her lips were soft and careful, and there was still a hint of fear in them. That she was willing to welcome him up even with that fear spoke volumes for her courage. But he had no intention of letting her go, in any sense of that. Tomorrow morning he would confess his darkest sins to her, but for the moment, he wanted to savor her taste and feel her body.

He pulled away from the careful, hesitant kiss and brushed a few stray strands out of her face. “Show me upstairs. Or I’ll start working on condition two right now.”

Sarah’s eyes lit up, and a small smile appeared on her face. “That’s not really incentive.”

“It is if I get you naked right here.”

She pulled her lip between her teeth. That expression had never worked on Asher until just now, when the lust it conveyed and the potential for sexual promise went straight through him and made his dick jump. Asher leaned into Sarah’s ear. “You have a naughty streak, don’t you?”

“You’ll have to find out.” She ducked under his arm and headed for the elevator.

The doors opened for them and Asher ducked in just behind her. She had already pressed the button for her floor and he took the opportunity to wrap his arms around her and pull her against him. She gasped lightly when she felt his length against her lower back, then turned and caught his eyes. “Did I do that?”

“You,” he breathed into her ear. “I have done everything in my power to keep myself in check around you.”

“And what a fine façade you put up,” she answered.

Asher nibbled on her ear. “If we weren’t going only seven floors, we’d have to stop this elevator.” He realized his hands were in the perfect spot, and slid them up just a little to wrap his hands around her firm, pert breasts. He plumped them lightly, and Sarah let out a breath.

“Your hands feel wonderful.”

“I can assure you that your breasts feel just as good.”

He brought his hands back down off of her just as the car slid to a stop. He might threaten to rip her clothes off and take her in the elevator, but he wasn’t really that much of a bastard. She was too much perfection for him to really consider it.

The first time, anyway.


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Friday, March 20, 2015

The Dark Side...Just kidding....

Something different for you all from me...

I don't usually get too personal here anymore, don't ask me why. I guess it's time constraints. I'm busting my butt to write the stories torturing my head and get them out for every one to enjoy. I at least pray someone is enjoying them! So...I decided to get more personal on here for those who want to see a different side of me and get to know what the heck is going on inside this crazy brain of mine.

The Dark Side...

Just kidding.

No really...

I don't often say what inspires me to write the things I do. So, starting with my most recent release: The Fall of Sky: A Rock 'n Roll Saga, I wanted to let readers know what inspired me to write some of the things I did in that book.

Yes, I did pull a lot from my past lives. When I think back on the stuff I've done in my short life, I really am looking at someone else's life. It's been eons ago since I was in that stage of life and looking at me now, one can wonder how the heck I fitted that stuff in.

I wrote The Fall of Sky about two sisters who are very close and sing duets in shady bars for money, hoping to hit it big while getting into tons of trouble. Who doesn't want to be a rock star right? I know I did. I sang, danced, played guitar and piano when I was younger. I even attended the Las Vegas Academy of Performing Arts High School my sophomore year. It was awesome and a total culture shock for me. This was a place I was immersed in the arts from the moment I stepped foot on campus to the moment I went home. I danced until my feet bled, I sang until my voice went out and I played until my fingers literally blistered. It was a grand ole time! The atmosphere was eclectic, fierce yet relaxing, loud but exciting. What a rush.

I wanted to convey this excitement in my story. The feel of music thrumming through your body as it vibrates the room. The hypnotic effects of writing music and hearing your deepest inner thoughts fill your ears and affect the people listening. I wanted to share what it felt like to be on stage with every eye on you along with the blinding lights that separate a performer from the audience. It's a high that can only  be understood by other performers.

For most of my stories, I've stated I do not draw from my personal life. It's mostly true. I do pull from it in more recent works than I used to because these stories are projections of things I've experienced and would've loved to learn more about or seen more of. They are a vital ingredient to flavor the books I write. So when you're reading one of my stories, you can think on it, what part of Alexia is in here? Is she a character? A Characteristic in a character? Is this a scene from her experiences? Most times, you will never know. I'll never tell. Sometimes, yes, you'll see a little piece of me floating around in the story and I might admit to it. Maybe. Ask me, you won't know unless you ask.

 Hope you enjoy the books as much as I've had imagining them up.

The Fall of Sky: A Rock 'n Roll Saga is dedicated to my readers. Rock on!

Love ya x